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As per the original post that was here, there was a friendly
discussion here about a software program that consists of technical
analysis and findings. How ever some people have used that information
to attack Dr. Sameera De Alwis personal and professional life, this
post never intended to be used in that manner, it was a technical
analysis rather then an attempt to insult any one. Few days ago I had
email communications with Dr. Sameera De Alwis and he explained
the personal and professional hardship he had to face due to the fact
people are using the information that was posted here as a weapon to
attack his personal and professional life.

As per the original post that was here, there was a friendly discussion here about a software program that consists of technical analysis and findings. How ever some people have used that information to attack Dr. Sameera De Alwis personal and professional life, this post never intended to be used in that manner, it was a technical analysis rather then an attempt to insult any one. Few days ago I had email communications with Dr. Sameera De Alwis and he explained the personal and professional hardship he had to face due to the fact people are using the information that was posted here as a weapon to attack his personal and professional life.

Below I’m quoting from one of his email where he explain it in his own words

Even you did not mean to attack me personally with your blog postings at your blog. But, people should know what has happened exactly. It was a really painful for an alone person in this world. Because of your Anti-xAurora campaign I have lost my previous job at The Capital Maharaja Organizations Limited. I was employed at the Capital maharaja (Pvt.) Ltd previously as the Head of Information Security at Group IT Division. At that time this was published on a DailyMirror News paper – Dated MONDAY 24th November 2008 (On my Birthday – As a birthday gift from IT Community Sri Lanka) by Dinidu de Alwis (Now as most of them known as Media Mafia…) with the support of Esweran Rathnam. On the November 25th I was on leave and suddenly I got a call from my office. That was our HR department, when I went to my office, Maharaja’s HR Director showed me an important document which received from DailyMirror office. It was the above post on DailyMirror news paper. Someone at DailyMirror has sent this document to Maharaja’s HR Division. There was a paper-cutting of the above newspaper post + the person written “Do you want to have a this liar/fool/fraudulence person in your organization?” And also the document pointed Mr. Kalinga’s Blog URL and few other URL(s) that published this incident very nasty way, It was printed on a DailyMirror Official Letterhead. I still don’t know who was sent it and why he has sent it to Maharaja’s HR Division. But whoever it sent for one reason. He wanted to see myself suffering for tragedy with this incident. The person has already been identified by CID now. In near future I will publish the name and the proof of the person/incident. CID still did not publish his name. It was an organize crime and it is a real defamation according to the law. Anyway the CID investigators said there is a secret connection between DailyMirror, Maharaja’s and Sinhala Bloggers Union has been revealed by them. And they were also revealed the secret underhand transaction has been done with this case. But those information still in classified class. I am not liable to publish the names and the case to the real world yet. But, once the time comes, I will publish it on my official xAurora Blog and also on all the Media (TV, RADIO, INTERNET and NEWS PAPERS etc).

The HR Division of the Capital Maharaja Organizations Limited has requested me to renounce my employment based on the above mentioned defamatory situation. Therefore, I had to resign keeping my-self respect. Moreover, this unpleasant incident has been an obstacle to my efforts to seek for another employment. In my career at the Maharaja Organization I was been treated as a person that doesn’t belong in the organization finally. Inside as; it may interfere with the unwritten terms and conditions of the Maharaja Organization.

And also, because of this incident, I lost my immeasurable reputation from most of companies reside in Sri Lanka as well as in the foreign countries. Most of them cancelled pre scheduled big deals. And I have lost so many millions. Financial tsunami came to my life. My father became forever patient. And I got to sell my vehicle, because of my father’s illness. He still needs those expensive medicines. And also some anonymous user called “MAHAZONA” has been attacked to my BELOVED MOTHER’S POOR LOST SOUL. I lost my mother in the year of 2007. I am the only child in my family and I loved my mother lot. I can not express the feelings about her. But, this world is so, unreasonable. Because of this browser story, some people has been attacked my ever-loving mother’s character. Whatever other things can easily bearable. But, this bad insulting to my beloved poor mother was so unbearable for an alone lovable son. It hurting me still lot. And I would rather die with that pain in my deep heart. It’s better if I die with my mother. Why you insulted my poor mother? I cried and killed so many nights without any sleep because of the pain. It’s not about me… It’s about my poor mother.

Everybody should know about my background, I was the only child in my family and my father was a reputed government servant. I have completed my studies alone without attended into any private classes. Because, my father does not have enough money to send me for the classes. Even my highest professional and academic qualifications I have obtained with my mothers effort and my own skills. I am the only person who knew about my poor mother. She wanted me to have her breakfast, her meal. And when I need a computer for my studies, my angel (my mother) gave me a computer. Nobody knows how she has done it. But, I knew how she was done it. I am never shy to tell this true story. She started a small business. She was preparing Cashew and Peanut for the shops and canteens. She was killed so many alone nights with those work. She collected money rupee by rupee for about five years and she was bought a computer for me to study. And finally because of the dust, smoke and Paraffin Wax Dust she got a lung cancer/tumor. She was suffered for about 3 months on the bed. I was with her next to her holding her hand every time till my angel gone to heaven. And one day she went forever without me. She left me like this in this bad world. I lived. She released from the great pain. And that brought me severe pain forever to my life. And that’s how my poor sacrificed her life for my education.

She passed away in 28th. From that day onwards I have started an alms giving for the Cancer Hospital – Maharagama. At that time, I was employed at Maharaja Organizations Limited. I have spent about 15,000-20,000 per month for daily needs of cancer hospital – Maharagama. One day, I got to know that a cancer patient needs an urgent vaccine for leukemia. He was an 11 years child. And vaccine would be cost about 25,000 Rupees. I was collecting the money to buy and give that vaccine for his poor parents for the sake my poor mothers lost soul. I couldn’t get it. Because, of this incident I lost my job and finally I got to know that poor child has been passed away. His poor parents could not get bare the cost of the vaccine cost. I feel guilty every moment because of that incident. And at that time I was so poor, I suffered for money. But, I never stopped it. At that time, I was earned about 10,000 rupees per month. I gave 3,000 rupees for the cancer hospital. Because, I loved my mother lot. And my poor father and I lived with 7000 rupees in rest of the time.

Nobody’s knows about this real story till now. But, I suffered lot with this. The pain still is in my deep heart. And it never ever goes. But I lived with that great pain… still…. because of my poor father. He needs me lot….. I need him……. forever. My beloved mother is in the heaven now. I know she is there for me…. My innocent hope to go and stay with her…. someday forever….. Till that time… she is looking at me everyday every moment…. I want to sleep on her golden hands…. no one ever can give that comfortable moment and that comfortable place….. I feel so lonely and now I am looking at the stars…. every night….. I know my mother became beautiful little star in heaven….. I want to go there….. I love you so much my dearest mother…..!!

– Oyata Budu Bawa Labewa –

What ever the technical analysis our findings maybe, looking at this humanly since I or any one who involved in this matter never intended to personally attack his personal or professional life, I have decided to remove the post as goodwill and to prevent from people using the information that was published here to attack him. I would like to apologize Dr. Sameera for the damages caused to the professional and personal life.